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RES and the Biomass Power Business
Posted April 9, 2010



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Cobalt turns beetle-killed pine into biobutanol

Cobalt Technologies announced April 7 a breakthrough in producing biobutanol from beetle-killed lodgepole pine feedstock. Cobalt is the first company to produce a drop-in replacement for petroleum and petrochemicals from beetle-affected lodgepole pine. To evaluate the fuel's viability for commercial vehicles, the company has signed a fuel testing partnership with Colorado State University.READ MORE

SDSU studies corn stover pretreatment

Using a high shear bioreactor (extrusion) pretreatment process can help prepare corn stover as a feedstock for making cellulosic ethanol, a South Dakota State University study finds. The SDSU study explored different temperatures, screw speeds, and enzymes to learn what treatments recovered the most sugar from corn stover.READ MORE

TDA seeks bioenergy proposals

As diversifying the state's energy resources becomes increasingly important, Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples April 7 announced the Texas Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Comptroller's State Energy Conservation Office, is requesting proposals from entities to conduct a comprehensive bioenergy study.READ MORE

BCAP rule draws thousands of comments

The USDA's Biomass Crop Assistance Program proposed rule has drawn more than 20,000 submissions during the 60-day comment period, according to USDA Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan. USDA released the proposed rule Feb. 3, allowing comment submissions until April 9.READ MORE

DOE, GM grow jatropha in India

A 207.5-acre jatropha project in India aims to develop optimal growing and harvesting techniques for the oil-bearing crop, along with favorable characteristics such as frost tolerance and growth with less input. General Motors Co. and the U.S. DOE have teamed up for the five-year project, enlisting help from the Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute, an India-based research lab of the Indian Government's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology. The CSMCRI will manage the three plots, two in Bhavngar and one near GM's India car manufacturing plant in Kalol. GM declined to disclose a project cost, but said it is funded jointly by GM and the DOE.READ MORE

GDF Suez plans huge biomass plant in Poland

Global power utility GDF Suez has signed a contract with engineering firm Foster Wheeler for the design and construction of a circulating fluidized-bed boiler for a proposed 190-megawatt 100 percent biomass-fueled power station near Polaniec, Poland.READ MORE

WM makes progress on waste-based energy

In the midst of multiple new renewable energy investments and partnerships-most recently involving Canadian cellulosic ethanol producer Enerkem Inc., organic waste-to-biogas technology company Harvest Power Inc. and plasma gasification technology developer InEnTec LLC-"waste" is no longer an applicable description of the materials Waste Management has collected and handled for decades.READ MORE

Myriant draws from DOE-awarded funds

Using funds it was awarded from the U.S. DOE, Massachusetts-based Myriant Technologies LLC has begun design and engineering phases in the development of its biobased succinic acid facility at the Port of Lake Providence, La. It will be the biggest of its kind in the world.READ MORE