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Posted April 23, 2010



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SDSU research: Re-using enzymes in industry

A South Dakota State University scientist is exploring ways to re-use enzymes in processes such as making cellulosic ethanol. The research could lead to big financial savings for industry.READ MORE

Poet aims high with cellulosic ethanol

Already one of the top ethanol producers of traditional corn ethanol, Poet plans to add 3.5 billion gallons of cellulosic ethanol by 2022, said Jeff Broin, CEO, on April 21 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. That's more than 20 percent of the cellulosic ethanol mandated by the renewable fuels standard.READ MORE 2010 BIOMASS Conference & Expo

Woodland develops demo cellulosic ethanol plant

The Bioindustrial Innovation Centre on the University of Western Ontario campus will house a cellulosic ethanol demonstration plant slated for operation in mid-2011. Ontario-based Woodland Biofuels Inc. will develop the facility, with an expected price tag of CA$12 million ($11.8 million) and the capacity to produce about 750,000 liters (198,000 gallons) of ethanol annually.READ MORE

Biodiesel company taps ethanol plants for feedstock

East Fork Biodiesel LLC, a 60 MMgy biodiesel plant in Algona, Iowa, is hoping to collect corn oil from surrounding ethanol plants, providing those plants a higher-value option for their coproduct and helping East Fork reconfigure for operation using a new feedstock.READ MORE

French torrefaction firm targets North America

French engineering company Thermya is working to commercialize and introduce a fast continuous torrefaction technology to the North American marketplace, after more than a decade of perfecting the technology in the EU.READ MORE

Vermont college opens CHP biomass plant

Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vt., celebrated Earth Day (April 22) with the official opening and operation of its combined-heat-and-power biomass facility, which will provide 85 percent of the school's heat and generate 20 percent of its electricity.READ MORE

TCL&P votes yes on biomass plant

Traverse City, Mich., could be the home of a 10 megawatt combined-heat-and-power biomass facility, following an April 21 vote by the Traverse City Light & Power board to move ahead with the project.READ MORE

Louisiana to host wood pellet plant

Point Bio Energy LLC has selected the Port of Greater Baton Rouge, La., as the future location of a proposed $100 million wood pellet plant, after conducting a national survey of possible project sites in the U.S.READ MORE

Rollcast develops biomass power in Georgia, SC

The first of three biomass power plants by North Carolina-based Rollcast Energy will come on line in 2012 with the capacity to power 40,000 homes in Barnesville, Ga.READ MORE
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