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International Biomass Conference & Expo a Ringing Success
Posted May 7, 2010



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Details to come on advanced biofuel funds

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced on May 4 that the USDA is planning to accept applications for the Biorefinery Assistance Program, Repowering Assistance Program and the Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels. Details on how to apply will be released later this week in the Federal Register.READ MORE

Purdue report shows lower ILUC effect

Purdue University has released a study on indirect land use change, reporting a 10 percent lower greenhouse (GHG) emission rate from corn ethanol production than a previous report. The study, "Land Use Changes and Consequent CO2 Emissions due to US Corn Ethanol Production: A Comprehensive Analysis," was headed by Purdue University agricultural economics professor Wallace E. Tyner, and completed in conjunction with the U.S. DOE's Argonne National Laboratory. Through revisions to the Global Trade Analysis Project, the reduced GHG level is now considered more accurate due to updates on market conditions and land productivity, Tyner saidREAD MORE

GlycosBio expands to Malaysia

Texas-based Glycos Biotechnologies, Inc. is expanding its biochemical production capabilities to Malaysia under an agreement with Malaysian Bio-XCell Sdn. Bhd., a government-supported industrial ecosystem focused on the advancement of biotechnology in the country.READ MORE

International Biomass Conference & Expo: Digesting food processing residues

It takes a team of companies with a variety of expertise to implement an anaerobic digestion project at a food processing facility, according to Dave Konwinski, founder and chief executive officer of Onsite Power Systems Inc.READ MORE

International Biomass Conference & Expo: Using waste streams

The two challenges to effective and widespread use of waste streams from the livestock and biofuels industries are controlling air-deposited nutrients and greenhouse gas emissions, according to David Bracht, attorney with Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP and speaker at the International Biomass Conference & Expo.READ MORE

International Biomass Conference & Expo: Harnessing value from MSW

Different biomass gasification technologies produce different results, and which one a buyer should select largely depends on what they desire to do with the synthesis gas, according to Karl Schoene, CEO of InEnTec.READ MORE

International Biomass Conference & Expo: Waste management is energy management

The Midwest lags behind the rest of the U.S. in production and use of biogas for energy, but Wisconsin is the shining star of the industry in that region, according to Amanda Bilek, energy policy specialist for the Great Plains Institute. "Biogas is a tremendous economic opportunity," she said.READ MORE

International Biomass Conference & Expo: Power utilities discuss biomass stategies

The future cost of CO2 is looming over power utilities. In order to avoid penalities and keep customer costs to a minimum, it's imperative that power utilities begin preparing for a carbon-constrained regulatory environment, according to Great River Energy Manager of Business Development Sandra Broekema.READ MORE

International Biomass Conference & Expo: Panelists talk policy priorities

Biomass Magazine's International Biomass Conference & Expo drew about 1,700 people and nearly 300 exhibitors to the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis May 4-6. The event was kicked off by a golf tournament and tours of the Metropolitan Wastewater and Blue Lake Wastewater Treatment Plants and Environmental Wood Supply on May 4.READ MORE