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S02 E08 A Focus on Food Waste: Synthica Energy's AD Mission
Featuring Sam Schutte, CEO of Synthica Energy, LLC
May 10, 2023

S02 E07 Maximizing Anaerobic Digester Performance
Featuring Will Charlton, CEO of Valkyrie Analytics Inc.
March 31, 2023

S02 E06 Setting the Standard: Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship
Featuring Brandi Colander, Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Enviva
March 20, 2023

S02 E05 Viridi Energy: Building Out North America's RNG Sector
Featuring Chet Benham, President at Viridi Energy
March 20, 2023

S02 E04 Biomass Magazine's Podcast Series: Int'l Biomass Conference & Expo Panel Preview - Experience Matters: Catching Up with KESCO
Featuring Jason Kessler, President and Owner of KESCO
February 20, 2023

S02 E03 Int'l Biomass Conference & Expo Panel Preview - An Overview of the Art of Wood Pellet Production
Featuring Holger Streetz, COO & Board Member of Bathan Ag
February 6, 2023

S02 E02 Environmentally Responsible, Financially Attractive Project Investments
Featuring Cody Myers, Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Green Rock Energy Partners
January 25, 2023

S02 E01 Adding Value to Biomass Power Plants with Biochar
Featuring Josiah Hunt, Founder and CEO of Pacific Biochar
January 11, 2023

S01 E13 High-Temperature Pyrolysis to Biocarbon, RNG and Hydrogen
Featuring Andrew White, CEO of CHAR Technologies
December 8, 2022

S01 E12 Surveying Momentum in the Biomass Economy
Featuring Ben Hubbard, CEO of Nexus PMG
November 4, 2022

S01 E11 Analyzing and Promoting Renewable Wood Heat in Maryland
Featuring Maura Ross, Wood Energy Coordinator at Maryland Clean Energy Center
October 27, 2022

S01 E10 International Biomass Conference & Expo: Submitting Solid Abstracts to Share Expertise, Attract Leads
Featuring Tim Portz, Program Director at BBI International
October 21, 2022

S01 E09 Growing the Forest Economy: The Scoop on Peak Renewables
Featuring Scott Bax, CEO of Peak Renewables
October 14, 2022

S01 E08 Targeting a Green Hydrogen Economy in Northern California
Featuring Chris Headrick, Founder & Executive Chairman of H2 Energy Group
September 30, 2022

S01 E07 Biogas Project Contracts and Finance: Fundamentals, Tips & Trends
Featuring Andrew Eastman, Senior Counsel, Husch Blackwell
September 14, 2022

S01 E06 The Landmark Inflation Reduction Act: What’s in it for Biogas/Renewable Natural Gas?
Featuring Patrick Serfass, Executive Director, American Biogas Council
August 23, 2022

S01 E05 The Landmark Inflation Reduction Act: What’s in it for Biomass-based Diesel?
Featuring Paul Winters, Director of Public Affairs and Federal Communications, Clean Fuels Alliance America
August 23, 2022

S01 E04 The Landmark Inflation Reduction Act: What’s in it for Biomass Power?
Featuring Carrie Annand, Executive Director, Biomass Power Association
August 22, 2022

S01 E03 The Landmark Inflation Reduction Act: What’s in it for Modern Wood Heating?
Featuring Tim Portz, Executive Director, Pellet Fuels Institute
August 18, 2022

S01 E02 The Power of Cohesive Pellet Plant Design
Featuring Jason Kessler, President & Owner, KESCO
August 11, 2022

S01 E01 Talking Trade: FutureMetric’s Bill Strauss on Global Market Conditions
Featuring William Strauss, President & Founder, FutureMetrics
July 29, 2022