E2 report highlights biofuel, bioenergy job creation

By Erin Voegele | March 21, 2014

Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) has published a new report on clean energy jobs, reporting that bioenergy and biofuel projects created thousands of jobs last year.

According to E2’s data, 1,984 jobs were announced as part of biofuel projects in 2013. About 1,300 of those jobs are associated with announced projects. An addition 650 jobs are associated with projects under construction, with 34 connected to projects in operation.

The report also indicates 1,773 jobs were announced as part of biogas and biomass projects last year. The E2 estimates that 731 of those jobs are associated with projects announced, with 491 and 551 connected respectively to projects under construction and projects in operation.

On a regional level, E2 reports that it tracked 665 bioenergy jobs in the Midwest last year, along with 525 in the Southeast.

Across all sectors, more than 78,600 clean energy and clean transportation were announced in 2013 at 260 projects tracked by E2. According to the report, clean energy jobs were announced 46 states, with California topping the list with approximately 15,400 jobs. Texas, Hawaii, Maryland and Massachusetts rounded out the top five states in E2’s analysis.

When compared to 2012, E2 reported that clean energy job announcements were down by about 30 percent. The organization attributed the reduction to its job tracking methodology and economic headwinds facing the clean energy sector last year, including low natural gas prices and efforts to roll back policies that benefit clean energy development.

A full copy of the report can be downloaded from the E2 website.