Cobalt, Andritz sign agreement for cellulosic n-butanol

By Cobalt Technologies Inc. | July 11, 2014

Cobalt Technologies Inc. signed an exclusive global cooperation and supply agreement with Andritz Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of international technology Group Andritz, to integrate Cobalt’s proprietary lignocellulosic pretreatment process for the production of n-butanol with Andritz’s customized pretreatment systems.

The primary alcohol, n-butanol is a widely used industrial chemical found in paints, lacquers, and other surface coatings. It has traditionally been produced from fossil fuels. Engineered to achieve low production costs, Cobalt’s technology naturally converts both C5 and C6 sugars into biobutanol, using any non-food lignocellulosic, renewable and sustainable feedstock. The biobutanol can be used for a broad array of fuels and chemicals, including jet fuels, bio-based plastics, and synthetic rubber.

Combining Cobalt’s proprietary process expertise with Andritz’s extensive experience in designing and supplying biomass processing systems will provide the market place a solution for developing reliable, efficient, and cost-effective production facilities.

“We are excited to combine our pre-treatment and fermentation technology with Andritz’s technology, engineering, and project management skills for implementing large-scale biomass facilities,” said Bob Mayer, CEO of Cobalt Technologies. “Plus, our combined testing and pilot plant capabilities will enable us to evaluate and scale a wide range of biomass materials from feedstock-to-butanol for our strategic partners, giving them the highest level of support and assurance.”

Andritz supplies advanced pre-treatment technologies for biofuel production. These technologies are well-proven in other industrial processes and, through extensive research and development, have been modified by Andtriz to satisfy the requirements for biofuel and biochemical producers.

“We have worked extensively with Cobalt to develop commercially attractive and technically unique solutions,” says Bertil Stromberg, vice president of Andritz’s biorefinery division. “This partnership has clear advantages for the market and will provide excellent results for our customers and partners.”