New York renewable natural gas facility celebrates grand opening

By EIF Renewable Energy Holdings | July 23, 2014

EIF Renewable Energy Holdings, a leading landfill gas-to-energy company, and Seneca Meadows Inc., an environmental award winning waste management company, have announced the opening of Seneca Energy II, a landfill gas-to-renewable natural gas facility located at the Seneca Meadows Landfill in Seneca Falls, New York. The companies celebrated the opening of the facility at a ribbon cutting ceremony on July 22.

EIF Renewable Energy Holdings, through its subsidiary Innovative Energy Systems, built Seneca Energy II adjacent to the existing landfill gas-to-electric power generation facility, which has been operational since 1996. Seneca Energy now consists of the existing 17.6 MW landfill gas-to-electric power generation facility and the recently commissioned and operational renewable natural gas facility, which will produce the equivalent of 25,000 gallons of vehicle fuel per day. The new renewable natural gas facility treats and refines landfill gas from the Seneca Meadows Landfill and converts it to pipeline quality renewable natural gas (RNG). The RNG is then moved through the existing natural gas pipeline system to either make electricity with renewable natural gas in an existing natural gas power plant or it can be converted into compressed natural gas for use in vehicles.

“The opening of this innovative RNG facility is another positive step for the use of domestic renewable energy to drive cost-effective and cleaner energy production by enabling the conversion of landfill gas from waste into power generation and transportation fuel,” said Richard M. DiGia, president and CEO of EIF Renewable Energy Holdings. “Our portfolio of landfill gas projects is playing a critical role in displacing the use of fossil fuels and reducing imports of foreign oil, while producing a significantly cleaner fuel than gasoline or diesel. On behalf of the EIFREH management team, I would like to thank all of our partners who made this project a success.”

“Seneca Meadows is proud to partner with EIF Renewable Energy Holdings for the development of another eco-friendly business in Seneca County,” said Don Gentilcore, area manager for Seneca Meadows. “Businesses like Seneca Energy and Seneca Energy II benefit all of us: they keep our energy and fuel production here in the U.S., provide good paying jobs, and reduce our nation’s reliance on foreign oil. They also help preserve our natural resources. Partnering with environmentally responsible businesses that stimulate our local economy is just one more way that Seneca Meadows is working to be a valued partner and trusted neighbor to our community.”