Community energy partnership qualified by OPA to submit proposals

By Envida Community Energy Inc. | November 10, 2014

Guelph Municipal Holdings Inc. recently announced that GIME Energy, a team made up of Envida Community Energy Inc., a subsidiary of Guelph Municipal Holdings Inc., and a number of equity partners including EllisDon Corp. and Index Energy Canada Corp. has been qualified by the Ontario Power Authority to submit proposals for renewable energy biomass projects that would feed electricity into the provincial grid under any future large renewable procurement (LRP) requests for proposals (RFP) that may be issued by the Ontario Power Authority.

Biomass energy projects use recently harvested organic matter such as wood chips, wood pellets or agricultural waste as a fuel for generating energy.  In a biomass plant, organic matter is burned to create heat which can be used in industrial processes, to power a district energy system and/or to generate electricity.  

The Ontario Power Authority LRP is a competitive process for procuring large renewable energy projects. Qualified applicants were evaluated based on their ability to meet a set of mandatory requirements focused on past development experience and financial capability.

The Ontario Power Authority is not currently evaluating or qualifying specific large renewable projects. This occurs at the RFP stage, wherein only qualified applicants may submit project-specific proposals containing full details about the projects including location, size, and connection point. An important part of a project proposal will be meaningful community engagement.