RSB partners with Elements Traceability Software

By Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials | November 20, 2014

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials, a globally recognized sustainability certification standard for biomaterials, and Elements Software Ltd., a leading web based traceability software provider, are working together to help RSB members track their biofuel feedstocks.

Biofuel producers are faced with the growing challenge of managing increasingly large volumes of sustainability data associated to biofuel consignments, including multiple feedstocks originating from multiple locations around the world. In acknowledgement of this, RSB has partnered with Elements Software to recommend a set of online tools to its members that ease the management of sustainability data as product travels through the supply chain.

Elements is a web based traceability platform that will help RSB Participating Operators (POs) comply with the Renewable Energy Directive. Sustainability data is collected and stored online as the biofuel travels through each stage of the supply chain. Online Mass Balance calculations are set up for each feedstock and location improving the management of sustainability data, making compliance with the RSB standard easier and less costly than managing bespoke spreadsheets. Once a consignment is sold, the seller publishes a Digital Passport providing the buyer a detailed chain of custody report back to the feed stock point of origin. The Digital Passport includes all Proof of Sustainability records associated to the consignment ensuring full compliance under RED. The ability to access the sustainability data online reduces auditing costs significantly and greatly speeds up the time for claims to be approved by member states.

Rolf Hogan, executive director of RSB, said, "Elements can provide our members with the necessary functionality to deliver operational efficiencies and reduce the costs of compliance which is what biofuel producers are looking for today. Partnering with a specialist in developing traceability software is a sensible strategy allowing all parties to concentrate on their own core competencies."

Karim Peer, CEO of Elements Software, said, "We look forward to working with RSB POs and helping them to reduce costs and manage their sustainability data more efficiently.”