Next Fuel completes pilot filter test at biogas facility

By Next Fuel Inc. | December 04, 2014

Next Fuel Inc., a technology provider and service company that offers services to the oil and gas industry, recently announced it has completed a successful test of its recently acquired Integra Disc Filtration System. The system application was for pretreatment of agricultural-waste generated biogas digestate prior to forward osmosis dewatering and reverse osmosis freshwater generation. The Ag-Waste BioGas Cogeneration Facility is located on an organic farming enterprise in west central Oregon. Previous efforts with other filtration methods have struggled with failures due to solids plugging. There are more than 1,000 similar facilities in the U.S. and Europe that have been struggling with this same filtration issue.

"Although we believe in the huge market for our system offered by the oil and gas industry, there is a very significant demand for treating water with our Integra system in many other arenas," stated Robert Craig, chairman and CEO of Next Fuel. "We are in discussions with other industry participants for utilizing this field-proven filtration system as well.”