Danish ministry announces biomass sustainability agreement

By Erin Voegele | December 09, 2014

The Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building recently posted a notice to its website announcing a new voluntary agreement formed with members of its domestic energy industry on sustainable biomass.

According to the notice, published Dec. 4, Dansk Energi and Dansk Fjernvarme entered into the sustainability agreement in response to Climate, Energy and Building Minister Rasmus Peterse’s  request that only sustainably produced biomass be purchased. 

The notice indicates biomass is expected to play an important role in Denmark’s energy and transportation industries. It also cites the ability store biomass and use it when needed as an obvious advantage when compared to other renewable resources. As a result, the government has predicted that the consumption of wood pellets and wood chips will increase in the future.

According to information released by Danish government, the agreement makes ambitious requirements for the entire biomass supply chain and requires that forests that supply biomass for energy production will be replanted.

A full copy of the announcement can be downloaded from the Ministry of Climate and Building website.