RSB solicits public comments on its principles and criteria

By Erin Voegele | February 06, 2015

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials has opened a 60-day comment period on a revision of the RSB Principles & Criteria. The P&C comprise the core of the RSB certification system and describe the environmental and social requirements that must be met by certified operators to ensure the sustainable production of biomass and biomaterials.

According to the RSB, comments gathered will inform discussions among RSB members over the forthcoming Version 3.0 of the P&Cs. Version 3.0 is expected to be approved by the RSB Assembly of Delegates at the end of the year, following the ISEAL standard-setting code.

The RSB has invited comments, questions and suggestions for improving four specific documents, including RSB P&C, guidance on P&C, use of terms and a glossary of terms. All four documents can be downloaded on the RSB website

Information published by the RSB indicates Version 2.1 was approved for certification in 2010. It outlines 12 principles related to sustainable biofuels production. The principles include legality; planning, monitoring and continuous improvement; greenhouse gas emissions; human and labor rights; rural and social development; local food security; conservation; soil; water; air; use of technology, inputs and management of waste; and land rights.

Comments are due March 28. Additional information and instruction on how to submit comments are available on the RSB website