Lee Enterprises Consulting, Zeton announce strategic alliance

By Lee Enterprises Consulting | July 23, 2015

Lee Enterprises Consulting, the world’s largest alternative and renewable fuels consulting group, is pleased to announce its strategic alliance with Zeton Inc.  The consulting group has five divisions, with over 50 experts in biodiesel, ethanol, emerging technologies, wind and solar, and alternative fuels business and finance. With Zeton as the recognized world leader in the design and fabrication of lab scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants and small modular production plants, both companies agree that the alliance is perfectly timed and mutually beneficial.

“We have a number of clients in biofuel emerging technologies," says Wayne Lee, CEO of Lee Enterprises Consulting.  “Zeton is a world leader in the scale-up of technology—from bench scale, to pilot plant to full-scale demonstration facility—so this alliance will be of great benefit in our serving those clients.”   Lee notes that while his group has alliances with the largest and best design and fabrication companies for biodiesel and ethanol plants, the building of demonstration plants using these newer technologies has been somewhat challenging.  “As I continue to field more calls about pyrolysis, biochar, torrefaction, and other emerging technologies, I continue to be very excited about our new alliance with Zeton.”

Zeton has been operating since 1986 with divisions in Canada and the Netherlands.  The Burlington, Ontario, Canada division employs approximately 150, while the Enschede, Netherlands division employs an additional 85.  The company’s customers include many of the leading oil, gas, chemical, specialty and fine chemical, bioenergy, pharmaceutical, mining, petrochemical, GTL and catalyst companies in the world, all of whom are active in process technology development.  Zeton has completed over 750 projects for customers in 35 countries across six continents.

David Edwards, vice president of sales and marketing at Zeton, will serve as the liaison to the consulting group. Edwards has a master of engineering in chemical engineering, and is a professional engineer in the province of Ontario and a chartered engineer in the U.K.  He is a member of AIChE and IChemE.  “Zeton is excited to be joining Lee Enterprises Consulting as a strategic alliance partner,” says Edwards.  “Lee Enterprises Consulting has a strong team of consultants and strategic alliance partners, with a worldwide presence across many different industries. Zeton’s focus will be in the new and emerging technologies area, where the company has significant expertise which will greatly benefit the group. The group also allows Zeton’s clientele access to a highly credentialed team of consultants available to handle their specialized emerging technology needs.”