Rentech restarts Wawa plant, achieves record week at Atikokan

By Erin Voegele | November 25, 2015

Rentech Inc. has released operational updates on its Canadian pellets plants. According to the company, the Wawa, Ontario, plant is back online, while the Atikokan, Ontario, facility recently achieved record weekly production volumes.

According to Rentech, the Wawa plant resumed pellet production on Nov. 13. Pellet shipments to the port of Quebec for delivery to Drax were resumed the following day.

The Wawa plant had been taken offline for improvements. During shutdown, the facility’s log feed-in system was modified and the company has competed the most critical phase of its conveyor replacements. On Nov. 18, Rentech reported the plant has been operating at approximately 30 percent of design capacity since being brought back online. According to Rentech, the second phase of the conveyance replacements is scheduled to be complete during the first quarter of next year. The company aims to be operating the Wawa facility at full capacity by the second half of 2016.

Rentech also recently announced that its Atikokan plant achieved record production of approximately 1,850 metric tons of pellets for the week ended Nov. 14. The plant’s design capacity is 110,000 metric tons per year, or 2,115 metric tons per week.

The company detailed the upgrades to the Wawa plant and discussed operations at the Atikokan plant during an investor call in early November.