Advanced Flow Systems, Greenlane Biogas sign agreement

By Advanced Flow Systems Inc. | May 24, 2016

Advanced Flow Systems Inc., a subsidiary of AdvanTec Global Innovations Inc., based out of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, recently added Greenlane Biogas Ltd. to its existing portfolio of contract manufacturing clients by signing a two-year contract manufacturing agreement. AFS along with its sister companies Surround Technologies (STI) and Advanced Bending Technologies is a vertically integrated industrial group that specializes in providing contract manufacturing solutions for a diverse group of companies with an equally diverse range of products.

Greenlane Biogas is a leading global supplier of integrated full system solutions to upgrade raw biogas captured from agricultural and livestock waste, organic municipal and industrial waste, wastewater treatment plants and landfills to biomethane, a renewable natural gas (RNG). The company offers modular systems utilizing water wash, pressure swing adsorption and membrane technologies to purify the raw biogas. RNG produced by Greenlane Biogas systems meets requirements for injection into natural gas distribution grids and fueling natural gas vehicles. With more than two decades of experience, Greenlane Biogas has installed more than 100 systems in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. Greenlane is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pressure Technologies plc, a UK based public company specializing in technology for the containment and control of liquids and gases in pressure systems.

"This agreement ensures that Greenlane Biogas can meet the rising market demand for their products," said Jerry Solobay, director of strategic planning and management at AdvanTec Global Innovations. "At the same time AFS is improving the manufacturability and providing cost savings of the Greenlane Biogas product line by utilizing AFS in-house manufacturing engineers."

Currently Advanced Flow Systems, together with its sister companies STI & ABT, is providing similar services to two other organizations that require manufacturing of their product lines to meet global market demands and to effectively control costs. By offering its facilities, engineering expertise and other valuable elements necessary for full turn-key delivery, AFS is actively working towards growing its portfolio of clients who are seeking to control manufacturing costs, enter the North American market, or to successfully commercialize their product lines.