Hekotek announces pellet plant orders in Latvia, Belarus

By Erin Voegele | May 27, 2016

Estonia-based Hekotek has made two announcements regarding the development of pellet plants in recent months. In early May, the company announced the development of a new pellet plant in Latvia. In late April, Hekotek announced a contract to double capacity at an existing pellet plant Belarus.

According to Hekotek, it has signed an agreement with 4 Energia to deliver pellet plant equipment for a 120,000-ton pellet plant under development in Brocheni, Latvia. The facility will take in wood waste, including saw dust and wood chips, and low-grade wood, including pulp wood and fuel chips that need debarking and milling, as feedstock.

Hekotek indicated the delivery will include a debarking line produced by Hekotek in cooperation with Canada-based Savico, with chipping units supplied by Sweden-based BRUKS. The pelletizing line will be equipped with a 4.5 ton-per-hour pellet press from Dutch producer CPM Europe and a belt dryer by Germany-based Stela-Laxhuber. The rest units, conveyor systems, silos and other components will be constructed by Hekotek in Estonia. Hekotek also said that as general supplier for the project, it will take responsibility for the complete delivery of the pellet plant complex equipment, along with pellet plant installation, commissioning and startup.

The company also recently announced it will expand the capacity of a 30,000-ton-per-year pellet plant in Borisov, Belarus, owned by Swoods Export. That facility began operations in early 2015 with equipment delivered and commissioned by Hekotek. According to Hekotek, Swoods Export has signed a contract to increase capacity at the facility to 60,000 tons per year. Conveyors and other components, including a drum dryer and bark-burning furnace, will be manufactured by Hekotek, with pelletizing equipment supplied by CPM. Hekotek will be responsible for complete delivery of the plant complex equipment, along with installation and startup.