USDA awards $8.8 million under Advanced Biofuel Payment Program

By Erin Voegele | June 01, 2016

On May 27, the USDA announced more than $8.8 million in awards through its Advanced Biofuel Payment Program, which makes payments to biofuels producers based on the amount of advanced biofuels produced from renewable biomass, other than corn kernel starch. Examples of eligible feedstocks include crop residue, food and yard waste, vegetable oil and animal fat. Eligible fuels include wood pellets, biodiesel, advanced and cellulosic ethanol, and biogas. 

The program was established by the 2008 Farm Bill. To date, the USDA has made $308 million in payments to 382 producers in 47 states and territories. These payments have produced enough biofuel to provide more than 391 billion kilowatt hours of electric energy.

 "Advanced biofuels expand America's energy options and increase our sources of homegrown, renewable energy," said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. "These payments not only help to spur biofuel production, but also protect the environment and help create jobs by building a renewable energy economy in rural areas."

Advanced biofuel producers that received payments through this round of funding for biogas and wood pellets include:

Lee Energy Solutions: $1,956, wood pellets
Westervelt Pellets I LLC: $4,374, wood pellets
Fiber Energy Products LLC: $714, wood pellets
Gallo Cattle Co. LP: $35,257, anaerobic digestion
High Mountain Fuels LLC: $1,521, landfill gas
Confluence Energy LLC: $634, wood pellets
Appling County Pellets LLC: $26,555, wood pellets
Ronald Davis Logging Co.: $1,328, wood pellets
Varn Wood Pellets: $1,686, wood pellets
Agpower Jerome LLC: $686, anaerobic digestion
Df-Ap#1 LLC: $535, anaerobic digestion
Lignetics of Idaho Inc.: $5,135, wood pellets
Bio Town Ag Inc.: $39,567, anaerobic digestion
Somerset Hardwood Flooring: $1,065, wood pellets
Agreen Energy LLC: $3,820, anaerobic digestion
Enviva LP: $33,653, wood pellets
Corinth Pellets LLC: $1,153, wood pellets
GF Funding LLC: $1,652, wood pellets
Maine Woods Pellet Co. LLC: $2,393, wood pellets
Fiber By-Products Corp.: $1,524, wood pellets
Scenic View Dairy LLC: $2,080, anaerobic digestion
Riverview LLP: $33,088, anaerobic digestion
New England Wood Pellet LLC: $5,671, wood pellets
Biomaxx Inc.: $2,350, wood pellets
Curran Renewable Energy LLC: $2,112, wood pellets
American Wood Fibers Inc.: $1,600, wood pellets
Bear Mountain Forest Products Inc.: $3,110, wood pellets
Blue Mountain Lumber Products LLC: $1,098, wood pellets
West Oregon Wood Products Inc.:$848, wood pellets
Energex American Inc.: $3,961, wood pellets
Turman Hardwood Flooring Inc.: $569, wood pellets
Dubois Energy LLC: $954, anaerobic digestion
Monument Farms Three Gen LLC: $700, anaerobic digestion
Edaleen Cow Power LLC: $5,746, anaerobic digestion
Farm Power Lynden LLC: $1,892, anaerobic digestion
Bach Digester LLC: $708, anaerobic digestion
Clear Horizons LLC: $1,674, anaerobic digestion
Holsum Dairies LLC: $2,480, anaerobic digestion
Indeck Ladysmith Biofuel Center: $1,634, wood pellets
Stargest Power LLC: $20,360, anaerobic digestion
Appalachian Wood Pellets Inc.: $1,171, wood pellets
Hamer Pellet Fuel:$1,310, wood pellets

A full list of advanced biofuel producers that received payments through the current round of funding can be downloaded from the USDA website