Hekotek to deliver pellet plant equipment to project in Siberia

By Erin Voegele | August 16, 2016

In early August, Hekotek announced it has signed an agreement with Boguchansky LPK to deliver pellet plant equipment for a facility in Boguchany, Russia, which is located in the province of Siberia.

Hekotek said the 60,000-ton-per-year facility will process sawmilling waste, including sawdust and chips. The pellet plant complex equipment will include two pellet presses by Dutch producer CPM Europe and two drum dryers, with the remaining units supplied by Hekotek. The equipment is expected to be ready for shipment to Siberia by March 2017. Assembly work is scheduled to begin during early summer 2017, with commissioning expected to begin the following October.

According to Hekotek, a portion of the resulting pellets will be packaged in small bags for export. Pellets produced at the facility will also be packed in big-bag containers, the company said.

In a press release announcing the equipment order, Hekotek noted that Boguchansky is experienced in the development of pellet plants. The company also said that it has become more difficult to secure funding to establish pellet production within Russia when compared to two or three years ago. As a result of these added difficulties, Hekotek said it took approximately six months to sign the equipment supply agreement following Boguchansky’s decision to construct the pellet mill.