Vermont launches wood, pellet stove change-out program

By Anna Simet | December 01, 2016

A new wood and pellet stove change-out program in Vermont aims to help residents update existing systems with cleaner, more efficient models.

Owners of old stoves that are not U.S. EPA certified—generally manufactured prior to 1988—may qualify for up to $1,500 of the price of a new stove. Those participating in the program must purchase the appliance from a participating stove retailer. A list can be accessed here.

For pellet or cord wood stoves emitting 1.5 grams of particulate per hour or less, a $1,500 incentive is available, and $1,000 for 2 grams per hour or less. Cord wood stoves at 2.5 grams of particulate per hour or less qualify for a $750 rebate, and $500 for those at 3 grams per hour or less.  

Some additional general program qualifications include that the old wood stove must be in use, and cannot be an EPA certified stove or on this list; the old stove must be destroyed; the new wood or pellet stove must be EPA certified to have particulate emission limits equal or less than the limits listed above; and the incentive reservation is required before the purchase and installation of a stove.

The program, which is also aimed at promoting the state’s forestry economy and in-state wood and pellet stove manufacturers, is a joint effort between the Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund and the Agency of Natural Resource’s Air Quality & Climate Division.

Learn more about the program and how to apply here.