BTS Biogas secures capital, enters US market

By BTS Biogas | January 24, 2017

BTS Biogas, a global technology leader in the biological transformation of organic waste into energy and organic fertilizer, recently announced that it has raised a significant round of funding with a new U.S.-based investor group. The acquisition and recapitalization investments were led by Virtual Equity Partners LLC with participation from additional experienced investors. The new funding will fuel the acceleration of BTS Biogas’s strategic entry into the United States with several large plant projects and strategic partnerships.

Headquartered in South Tyrol, BTS Biogas is the market leader in Italy and a pioneer in sustainable, clean and recyclable energy.  BTS Biogas serves industrial and agricultural companies, local authorities, food industry, refuse disposal and composting plants. The company processes organic waste materials, byproducts from alimentary industries, residues and agricultural by-products and energy crops into electrical energy, thermal energy (heating and cooling), organic methane (for fuel and grid feed-in) and organic fertilizers.

BTS has built over 200 operational biogas plants in the last 10 years with plants in The United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic, Poland, and Switzerland. Recently the company signed plant construction deals in France, Japan and Thailand.  The move into the United States coincides with BTS Biogas’s international expansion efforts throughout the European Union and abroad.

“Working with highly experienced investors with tremendous resources is certainly a critical first step in entering the United States market in earnest.” said Gianluca Visconti, head of marketing for BTS Biogas. “In this industry, the U.S. market is in its relative infancy and given our position as an established market leader, our track record of successfully building and operating plants throughout Europe and industry leading design and engineering, we project great success with our move into the United States.”

BTS Biogas customers include some of the top Agritech firms in the world and BTS Biogas plants are deployed by major firms who are demonstrating their commitment to the environment, clean energy and organic fertilizer.

"Virtual Equity Partners is excited about its investment in BTS Biogas due to the enormous market opportunity represented by the biological transformation of organic waste to energy, and the innovative technical work BTS Biogas has completed from a research and development perspective," said Shawn Kreloff, managing partner at Virtual Equity Partners. "BTS Biogas offers a unique approach to plant automation and optimization. We believe they have the best plant technology, highest safety standards and the most sophisticated support operation in the world. How often can you improve a company’s top and bottom line while simultaneously generating clean energy, remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and return valuable organic nutrients to the soil?"

Kreloff has more than 25 years’ experience in technology investing having overseen $100-plus million in capital raised, representing $2.5 billion in enterprise value.