DONG Energy to change name to Orsted

By Anna Simet | October 03, 2017

DONG Energy is changing its name to Orsted, the Danish energy company announced this week.

Standing for Danish Oil and Natural Gas, DONG began transitioning away from coal in 2006, and in 2017, officially announcing that it would completely cease use of it by 2023. Since 2006, DONG has reduced its coal consumption by 73 percent through a reduction in the number of power stations, a massive buildout of offshore wind energy, as well as biomass conversions.

DONG has used wood pellets and chips at its Herning Power Station and Avedøre Power Stations since 2002, and in 2016, both its Studstrup Power Station near Aarhus and Avedøre Power Station near Copenhagen were converted to run on 100 percent wood pellets and straw. Those conversions were followed by Skærbæk Power Station near Fredericia, which runs on 100 percent on wood chips, and most recently, DONG began the conversion process for its Asnæs Power Station, which will use wood chips when the conversion is complete in late 2019.

Following completion of the Asnæs Power Station, DONG will have one remaining coal plant, the Esbjerg Power Station.  

DONG, which is campaigning for 100 percent green energy worldwide, said its decision to change the name is because DONG “no longer reflects who we are, so we’re changing our name to Orsted, inspired by the Danish scientist who laid the foundation of how today’s society is powered.”

The name change to Orsted will be effective Nov. 6.