Attis announces site for biorefinery, selects feedstock provider

By Erin Voegele | July 20, 2018

In mid-July Attis Industries announced plans to purchase a site in Georgia to locate its first commercial-scale biorefinery and said it has executed a letter of intent with a timber company to provide feedstock for the proposed facility.

On July 16, the company announced it has executed a letter of intent with the city of Barnesville, Georgia, to purchase a 32-acre property on which it plans to build a biorefinery. The company said the plant will be designed to process 200 dry tons per day of biomass into a portfolio of biobased products, including pulp for paper products, sugar or renewable fuel production, melt-flowable lignin for use in plastics applications, and biobased chemicals.

The following day, Attis Industries said it has executed a letter of intent with Jordan Forest Products LLC to provide raw material feedstock procurement services for the proposed Barnesville plant, which will be built on a property adjacent to Jordan’s existing sawmill operations in Barnesville.