New York bioenergy plant to be dismantled

By Erin Voegele | July 16, 2019

An announcement issued by Lewis County, New York, indicates ReEnergy’s 22-megawatt (MW) Lyonsdale Biomass energy facility will be dismantled this summer, with the 46-acre property then transferred to the Lewis County Industrial Development Agency under the terms of an agreement recently executive by the two parties.

A company has been retained to dismantle the plant. The fuel yard infrastructure and utility interconnection will remain in place. Demolition was expected to begin in early July and be complete this fall.

“Under the terms of the agreement, ReEnergy will continue to work with the Lewis County IDA to market the site and share prospect leads,” said Lewis County in a release. “Because the facility’s future as a biomass power facility was uncertain under New York State’s Clean Energy Standard, ReEnergy had been working with local and state economic development officials and prospective redevelopers to repurpose the site.”

“There are multiple parties who have shown an interest in developing the site, and the interconnection to the electricity grid makes the site of interest to solar developers,” said ReEnergy CEO Larry D. Richardson in the statement. “We also have been in talks with biofuel companies that are interested in siting a biorefinery in New York State.”

ReEnergy acquired the Lyonsdale plant in 2011 from Central Hudson Enterprises Corp. The facility originally began operations in 1992. The facility was fueled with biomass material from logging operations and local sawmills and produced enough electricity to power approximately 21,000 homes. According to Lewis County, the Lyonsdale plant ceased operations in December 2017 due to the expiration of its contract to sell renewable energy certificates (RECs).