Vietnam pellet mill comes online under guidance of FutureMetrics

By FutureMetrics | September 09, 2019

FutureMetrics is proud to announce that a project that it has guided for over two years is now producing high quality pellets. Under the guidance of FutureMetrics' operations expert, John Swaan, a new 120,000 metric ton per year pellet plant located in Binh Dinh province Vietnam has reached the commercial operation stage.

When FutureMetrics was retained by Ayo Biomass in early 2017 the objective was to build a world-class pellet mill that broke the stereotype of the typical Vietnam pellet factory. Ayo wanted to produce pellets that would be on par with North American industrial wood pellets in terms of quality, consistency, sustainability, and to have the pellets produced in a plant that is safe, clean, and reliable.

Those objectives have been realized.

A paper with a more details and many photos of the new pellet factory can be downloaded from the FutureMetrics website under the "Free Whitepapers" section of the FutureMetrics website