ENplus opens public consultation on newly drafted standards

By Erin Voegele | October 18, 2019

Pellet quality certification scheme ENplus announced Oct. 7 it is undergoing a major overhaul of its requirements and procedures. As part of that effort, ENplus has opened a second public consultation on its newly drafted standards. The organization said the consultation will allow all market actors to voice their opinions on the way the standards operate.

Enplus said it started its third revision process at the end of 2018. Final revised standard are scheduled to be published in spring 2020. More than 1,000 comments have already been processed through the scheme’s multi stakeholder group, which encompasses an array of sector expertise forming both an advisory committee and an editorial committee to provide input that surrounds the scheme’s procedures and protocols. ENplus said this second public consultation will allow for further feedback in order for the scheme to enhance and execute its operations.

According to ENplus, the editorial committee includes ENplus management and has been responsible for drafting new documentation based on comments initially received. The advisory committee, which includes 15 pellet market stakeholders, provides feedback and suggests ways of improving the standards and procedures of the scheme.

ENplus said each provision of the documentation has been assessed in terms of its relevancy and both committees have taken steps to simplify the standards to ensure future protocol can be followed with ease and efficiency from producer to end user.

Several key areas will see a critical change during the revision process, according to ENplus. This includes pellet parameters, self-monitoring, transport vehicle requirements, role of the conformity assessment bodies, inspection schedule, structure of the documentation and scope.

ENplus said a series of documents have been created as a result of these discussions, including ENplus Wood Pellets—Requirements, Requirements for conformity assessment bodies operating the ENplus certification and Usage of the ENplus trakemark—Requirements.

As the revision process reaches its final stage, ENplus said it now looking to public for final feedback. Comments can be filed online through Nov. 30. Additional information is available on the ENplus website