SJI, REV LNG break ground on 4 RNG facilities in Michigan

By South Jersey Industries | December 21, 2021

SJI remains committed to advancing its infrastructure to meet the clean energy needs of the future. Consistent with this commitment, last week, SJI and development partner, REV LNG LLC broke ground on renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities at four Michigan-based dairy farms, marking the partners’ first series of renewable energy projects to break ground outside of the Northeast region.

The projects will include constructing 2M gallon anaerobic digesters and related RNG facilities to capture methane produced by cow manure at each of the four farms: Double Eagle, Roto-Z, Goma and Z-Star. The projects will also entail implementing equipment that cleans the digester-produced biogas, transforming it into commercial-grade pipeline-quality renewable natural gas. REV LNG, a leader in developing RNG projects throughout North America, has led early-stage development for SJI and will preside over the construction of the RNG facilities, expected to be operational by late 2022.

“REV LNG is committed to implementing creative energy solutions that help our company and the clients we serve to reduce our carbon footprints,” said David Kailbourne, CEO, REV LNG. “I am thrilled to see these projects break ground and look forward to REV LNG and SJI’s continued partnership in this area of interest. In addition, I’d like to thank the families at Double Eagle, Roto-Z, Goma and Z-Star farms for bringing these projects to life.”

Together, the four sustainable, family-owned farms will help to produce nearly 3M therms of RNG per year. To put this into perspective, 3M therms of RNG is enough to offset the negative environmental impact of 1.8M gallons of gasoline consumed per year within the United States.

These projects fall on the heels of SJI and REV LNG’s recent announcement to begin construction on an RNG facility at Oakridge Dairy, Connecticut’s largest dairy farm. Because of SJI and REV LNG’s continued partnership in this area of strategic importance, SJI is positioned well to become a national leader in waste-to-energy projects by 2025.

“SJI recognizes that in order to achieve our goal of 100 percent carbon reduction by 2040, working collaboratively with organizations that share our same mission is critical,” said Mike Renna, President and CEO, SJI. “With that, SJI is proud to partner with REV LNG and dairy farms across the nation on these innovative clean energy projects that I am confident will result in positive environmental outcomes for the regions we serve and beyond.”

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