BBI International launches new magazine focused on CCS

By BBI International | January 12, 2022

BBI International announced this week that it will be starting a new magazine titled, Carbon Capture Magazine. There will be one print issue of the magazine published in 2022, along with a carbon capture industry directory and a map of storage and capture facilities. In addition to printed materials, the magazine will produce timely and relevant online industry stories, on a weekly basis, found at: There will also be a newsletter emailed bi-weekly.

“Many subscribers of our other publications have been interested in learning more about the opportunities within the carbon capture, storage and utilization industry,” says John Nelson, vice president of operations, marketing and sales at BBI International. “We are excited to start disseminating the most relevant news to industry stakeholders, in addition to creating directories and maps.”

The content and news articles will provide readers with online news and data designed specifically for companies and organizations advancing technologies that support the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from all sources, including fossil fuel-based power plants, ethanol production plants and industrial processes, as well as directly from the atmosphere. The online news source gathers top stories, research, data, trends and information on all aspects of CCS with the goal to help companies build knowledge, connect with others, and better understand the market and carbon utilization.

The bi-weekly newsletter will cover industry policies, news, and technologies that support carbon capture, storage and utilization, and feature stories on the current and ongoing CCS efforts being undertaken to tackle the reduction of GHG emissions.

To learn more, visit: