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Editor's note from the 2022 Issue 1 edition of Biomass Magazine.
By Anna Simet | February 04, 2022

If you’re reading this, I hope you’re at the International Biomass Conference & Expo, or plan to be. As we began building the program for the show—which we haven’t held in person since Nashville in early 2020—we were cautiously optimistic. Now, we’re confident this will be the best meeting we’ve had in a long while. This issue of Biomass Magazine is the one we’ll be placing in attendee bags, so as we did with the program, we were sure to try to include something for everyone.

As for features, we have a profile on Archaea Energy, which you have likely heard of if you follow biogas and RNG. In this page-22 profile, freelance writer Amanda Wagner chats with Megan Light, vice president of investor relations, about the company’s history, strategy, portfolio and plans. With 17 landfill gas-to-power and 11 RNG projects—including the recently commissioned Project Assai in Ashland, Kentucky, which they believe to be the largest LFG-to-electricity operation in the world—the future looks bright for this company, which was founded by two landfill owners.

In our page-14 feature, “Advancing Bioenergy in the North,” I investigate some of the major energy challenges that Arctic, subarctic and northern communities face, with a focus on the Northwest Territories, which is not connected to the North American electrical grid. In these far north locations, winters months are exceedingly cold and dark, so efficiently and reliably heating homes and businesses is crucial. The NWT government—and they’re not alone in this, others like the Yukon have, too—has set some ambitious goals to reduce the use of diesel and other fossil fuels. Wood pellets, wood chips and renewable diesel are poised to play an important role.

Moving on to our contributions, we have a new edition of what is quickly becoming a reader favorite: “Project Talk,” our series with Sven Swenson of Delta Energy Services. On page 30, Swenson shares insight he gleaned from a conversation had with Ken Ciarletta, who has an extensive career in timber, pulp and paper, including development of Georgia Biomass. Ciarletta emphasizes how invaluable experienced professionals are, from early stages of a project to the end. Swenson drives the piece home by providing some tips to help make an operation successful throughout the development process, as well as post-commissioning.

Other contributions include our quarterly Forisk Wood Fiber Review preview on page 32, and some thorough advice when it comes to biogas project partnerships—“Key Components of Successful Manure Supply Agreements,” on page 28.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight our renewable diesel and sustainable jet fuel news roundup on page 12. You can expect to see this industry sector increasingly covered in Biomass Magazine, as well as our sister publication, Biodiesel Magazine, and I would love to hear from you or your company if you have something you’d like to contribute.

Author: Anna Simet
[email protected]