France launches initiative to develop black pellet production

By Erin Voegele | February 22, 2022

The government of France of Feb. 17 launched a call for expressions of interest that aims to identify and support projects to replace coal currently used in heating, industrial and power-generation applications with heat-treated biomass pellets, including those produced via a torrefaction or steam explosion process.

The call for expressions of interest relates to the country’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

According to the French Ministry of Ecology, the initiative aims to identify company-led industrial projects that are currently in the development phase. The objective is to identify projects for the industrial scale-up of heat-treated pellet manufacturing plants that would primarily convert wood waste or the lignocellulosic fraction of green waste into biomass pellets that can be used in heating and industrial applications.

Projects must have an annual capacity of at least 80,000 metric tons per year and be feasible in the short- or medium-term, defined as one to three years following the completion of studies.

Expressions of interests are being accepted through April 26. Additional information is available on Ministry of Ecology website.