Red Rock Biofuels wins US Forest Service Wood Innovations Grant

By Red Rock | June 08, 2022

Red Rock is pleased to announce that it has received a Wood Innovations Grant from the U.S. Forest Service to fund its project to convert post-fire charred waste woody biomass to sustainable aviation fuel & renewable diesel fuel.

“We founded Red Rock more than a decade ago to decarbonize transportation and help mitigate wildfire. Since that time, demand for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) has grown exponentially and wildfires in the western U.S. and around the world have grown in frequency, size and intensity. We’re pleased to work with the U.S. Forest Service on this project to convert post-fire charred waste woody biomass present across the U.S. west into valuable SAF,” commented Red Rock’s Co-founder and CFO, Jeff Manternach.

“As numerous industries continue to seek new, effective ways to decarbonize their operations and demand for secure sources of low-carbon SAF accelerates, Red Rock’s work becomes even more critical. We expect results of this project with the U.S. Forest Service to support development efforts for our planned biorefineries in California, Oregon, Wisconsin and beyond,” said Red Rock’s Co-founder and CEO, Terry Kulesa.

Wildfires across the western U.S. have become a major problem over the past several decades, now consuming approximately 8.2 million acres per year on average, while federal suppression costs alone spiral into billions of dollars every year. Red Rock’s project with the U.S. Forest Service aims to utilize the increasingly abundant post-fire restoration material to produce low-carbon SAF and diesel fuel.

Red Rock’s portfolio of biorefineries under development are designed to tackle the most difficult industrial sectors to decarbonize, including aviation, heavy transport & shipping, cement manufacturing and steel manufacturing. Together with wildfire, these industries account for approximately one third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Thousands of new biorefineries need to be constructed to meet our collective net zero ambitions, and Red Rock is uniquely positioned to develop, construct and operate a portfolio of biorefineries to address these challenges.

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