Piedmont Natural Gas introduces GreenEdge program

By Piedmont Natural Gas | June 16, 2022

Residential and commercial Piedmont Natural Gas customers in North Carolina now can reduce the impact of their own natural gas usage by participating in GreenEdge – a voluntary program allowing customers to purchase green "blocks" from Piedmont and then claim the associated environmental benefits.

A block is a blend of environmental attributes from carbon offsets and renewable natural gas.

"Our customers have shown a real interest in having access to tools and programs they can use to pursue their own carbon-reducing goals," said Sasha Weintraub, president of Piedmont Natural Gas. "We've designed the GreenEdge program based on this feedback, and we consider it an important part of our own clean energy transformation."

Each $3 block represents the environmental attributes of renewable natural gas and carbon offsets and is equivalent to 12.5 therms of natural gas usage. Just one block is equal to 25 percent of the average household's monthly natural gas usage, meaning customers who purchase four blocks could claim associated environmental benefits for approximately 100 percent of their monthly household natural gas usage.

    Carbon Offset (CO) – a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions created when one metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions, or other greenhouse gas equivalent, is captured, avoided, or destroyed to compensate for an equivalent emission made elsewhere.

    Environmental Attribute (EA) – an aspect, claim, characteristic or benefit associated with the generation of a quantity of natural gas by a renewable source that is capable of being measured, verified or calculated.

When a customer purchases a block, Piedmont will add the associated charges to that customer's bill. There is no limit on how many blocks a customer can purchase. Participating customers will receive an annual report highlighting their contributions and their overall effect on GreenEdge, which is a self-funding program.

Piedmont received approval for GreenEdge from the North Carolina Utilities Commission in March 2022.

For more information or to enroll in GreenEdge, visit GreenEdge - Piedmont Natural Gas (piedmontng.com).