Novilla RNG begins construction on RNG project in Michigan

By Novilla RNG | September 19, 2022

Red Leaf RNG LLC, a subsidiary of Novilla Investment Holdings LLC, announced on Sept. 12 the beginning of construction of its first dairy renewable natural gas (RNG) project in Michigan at Maple Row Dairy.

The partnership project with Maple Row Dairy in Saranac, Michigan, will use biogas from the dairy’s anaerobic digester to generate low carbon intensity RNG. Novilla RNG anticipates the fuel produced at Maple Row Dairy will be used in compressed natural gas vehicles and contribute to the decarbonization of the transportation sector.

Jared Williams, Novilla RNG Co-CEO, said, "This project represents a unique opportunity to work closely with a prominent Michigan dairy, lower their carbon footprint, and add another revenue source to their income stream. The Hardy family has been producing milk for Michigan at Maple Row Dairy since 1852 and this project represents the continued progress and modernization that has kept their dairy moving forward as a leading dairy in the region.”

Bill Parkhurst, director of construction and dngineering at Novilla RNG, stated “This project builds on over 40 years of combined experience in the RNG and digester industry that the Novilla team brings to executing on this project. We were able to start construction on this project within weeks of executing an agreement and expect to be producing RNG in the second quarter of 2023. Our model of bringing construction, engineering, and operations in-house has allowed us to move quickly and efficiently on projects while offering as much value to the dairy as possible.”

"As a Michigan-based company, we are thrilled to start construction on our first dairy RNG project in the state. By working closely with local leaders and industry, we were able to gain support for this project and the economic and environmental benefits it brings. We expect to have two full time employees and working locally, making this project very personal for everyone involved.” stated Mark Hill, Novilla RNG Co-CEO.

John Hardy, owner of Maple Row Dairy, commented “Over the past several decades, our dairy has continuously prioritized animal health, milk quality, and our community. We very much see our partnership with Novilla RNG as continuing the dairy’s environmental stewardship by lowering the greenhouse gas impact of every gallon of our milk.”

The Red Leaf RNG project represents Novilla RNG’s second project under construction and the continuation of its business plan to quickly and efficiently execute on a reasonable amount of RNG projects per year at leading dairies throughout the country.