ENplus completes revision process

By Erin Voegele | October 03, 2022

Wood pellet quality certification scheme ENplus on Sept. 23 announced the conclusion of a multi-year consultation process and released revised standards, a new documentation structure and a new governance integrity program.

Regarding the new documentation structure, the group said ENplus Standards are now the documents defining the requirements for all key stakeholders in the certification, the ENplus Procedural Documents specify European Pellet Council and ENplus procedures in the scheme’s development and governance, and Guidance Documents provide information/interpretations on specific topics, such storage and bag design translations.

The ENplus Standards include three separate documents. The ENplus ST 1001 document includes requirements for companies, while the ENplus ST 1002 document includes requirements for certification and testing bodies operating ENplus certification, and the ENplus ST 1003 document addresses requirements for the use of the ENplus trademarks.

A statement released by ENplus outlines several key changes that have been made regarding certified companies and the requirements for wood pellets. Changes include several updated definitions and new recordkeeping requirements that will improve traceability. Bags for certified pellets will now also be required to include a serial number that allows identification of the company that bagged the pellets, the site and the date of the bagging. In addition, companies with multiple sites can now be covered by a single certificate.

In line with revised ISO 17225-2 Standard, pellets will now be analyzed for three new parameters, including particle density, coarse fines, and share of pellets below 10mm. ENplus has also implemented new and more detailed requirements regarding self-monitoring during the production process and during loading. Several other changes to the program, fee structure and certification process are also being implemented.

Complete information on the ENplus revision is available on the ENplus website.