Assets of Canadian biogas plant to be sold via auction March 21

By TCL Asset Group Inc. | March 09, 2023

TCL Asset Group Inc., and Aaron Industrial Solutions, under instruction from D. Manning & Associates, have been hired to offer for sale the Assets of Cedar Road Bioenergy Inc., located in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Cedar Road Bioenergy Inc. built a facility to utilize bioenergy as a feed stock (Methane) for conversion into electricity and renewable natural gas from a nearby landfill. The facility was put into production in 2009, however, ceased operations in 2020. The assets are being offered for sale by Online Auction which ends on March 21, 2023.

Featured Assets Include: (2) GE Jenbacher Generator Sets w/ Engine model JGS 312 Engine type J312GSC86, w/ Generator type JGS312GS-N, (2006) 633 kW, 60Hz, 761 Amp, 480/277 Volt, Class G2, with starting system, interface panels and control panels housed in a 40” sea container; including spare parts; Gas Booster, Gas Conditioning Skid, and Dehydration Unit; Tecon 1266 Cu/M biogas storage Unit; Distribution Substations (25 KVA High voltage cabinet with 1 MW transformer steeped down to lower volage genset breaker cabinet; and various storage containers.

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