Schmack Biogas honored with EUBIA Industry Award

The 7th EUBIA Industry Award was presented to Schmack Biogas AG for its "outstanding contribution to the development of the biomass energy sector." The prize was awarded June 29 by EUBIA President Tord Fjallstrom to Schmack Biogas spokesman M. Michael Wittmann during the 17th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition. Schmack Biogas was chosen because of its pioneering activity in biogas development in Germany and Europe, and for its commitment to modern and industrial-scale production of biogas. Schmack built its first bio-methane plant in Pliening, Germany, and the company went on to build one of the largest plants in Europe at its headquarters in Schwandorf. Currently, three bio-methane plants built by Schmack are in operation and four plants are under construction.