Wood combustion company offers smaller version of furnace

By Lisa Gibson
Posted August 31, 2009, at 2:10 p.m. CST

Massachusetts-based Biomass Combustion Systems (www.biomasscombustion.com) added a new product to its line of industrial wood-burning furnaces. The 250,000 Btu per hour Shop Heater Furnace is a smaller version of the company's 500,000 and 800,000 Btu furnaces, which it has sold for 23 years.

The 250,000 Btu furnace is designed for commercial and industrial facilities 5,000 square feet and smaller, according to Biomass Combustion Systems Principal Charles Cary. The smaller design was released after the company received several customer inquiries into smaller systems. "We regularly get calls from companies asking for a smaller version of our Shop Heater Furnaces," Cary said in a statement. Some of the company's customers have needs too small for the larger furnaces, he added.

The all-steel, hot-air furnaces are chunk-wood burners compatible with wood scrap such as truss, pallets, saw mill and recycling and other wood waste, according to the company. "Generally, we're marketing to people who have wood waste; wood residue," Cary said.

The price tag for the smaller furnace is $8,995, according to Cary, and there's been plenty of interest so far. Biomass Combustion Systems marketed a 100,000 Btu, residential furnace about 10 years ago, but only offered it for one winter and decided it wasn't a good fit for the company, according to Cary. "We're an industrially-focused company," he said.

The company focuses solely on wood combustion and also sells wood-fired boilers.