BTEC webinar to focus on project finance models

By Anna Austin | June 20, 2011

Biomass thermal projects can vary greatly by scale, feedstock, technology, location and incentives available in certain regions. As a result, the best financing model for one project might not be the right choice for another.

In order to give developers some insight into how to make a project financeable and increase project success, the Biomass Thermal Energy Council will host a free educational webinar at 2 p.m. ET on June 29. The webinar will feature three speakers who will highlight successful financing models for commercial- to industrial-sized biomass energy facilities.

The webinar, titled Biomass Thermal Finance: Options, Steps and Resources for Biomass Project Development, will detail many topics including financing options for large, industrial-scale biomass facilities, how community-sized projects leverage public support and incentives, why environmental commodities such as carbon credits may add increased value to biomass thermal projects and how real world projects combine local, state, federal and international financial resources.

Speakers during the webinar include Abundant Power Managing Partner Greg Montgomery, Merrimack Valley School District Facilities Director Fred Reagan and Sustainable Energy Financing LLC Managing Partner Dan Kuipers. The webinar will be moderated by Joseph Seymour, program coordinator-policy and government affairs for BTEC.

Advanced registration for the webinar is required. To register, visit