ICM couples gasifier with Eisenmann emission abatement

By Lisa Gibson | August 24, 2011

Rolling out commercialization of its demonstrated biomass feedstock-flexible gasifier, ICM Inc. will pair the system with Eisenmann Corp.’s wet electrostatic precipitation emission abatement technology.

A commercial-scale demonstration of ICM’s gasifier has been operating since March 2009 in Newton, Kan., adjacent to the Harvey County municipal solid waste transfer and recycling facility. Over the demonstration period, the system used about 7,200 tons of about 14 different feedstocks including refuse-derived fuel, wood chips, corn stover, poultry litter, tire chips, wheat straw and switchgrass, according to Bert Bennett, ICM’s gasifier principal scientist.

Now ramping up to commercial status, sale of ICM’s gasifier will include Eisenmann’s multi-pollutant mitigating WESP 2-F, which meets the most stringent emission control requirements such as Best Achievable Control Technology rules and Lowest Achievable Emission Rate standards. It does that by ensuring a nearly continuous removal of large and small particulate matter, as well as acid gases. “We have a great relationship with Eisenmann,” Bennett said. “We wanted a highly skilled group and Eisenmann is that group.” Combined with an ICM thermal oxidizer and heat sink, Eisenmann’s WESP 2-F system provides the flexibility essential to clean the emissions from a multitude of fuel sources, according to ICM.

The commercial demonstration in Harvey County did not include an electricity-production component, Bennett said, but the system will be geared toward that sector. “That’s the easy part,” Bennett said of electricity generation from syngas. “The part that was important to us was demonstrating our gasifier.” The system will be equipped for addition operations as well, including the production of steam and hot water for heat distribution.