Organization plans NY biomass heating roadmap

By Matt Soberg | September 26, 2011

In an attempt to make New York a national leader in biomass research and development, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority is requesting proposals to develop a biomass heating roadmap. The group has $350,000 available to fund the roadmap, and responses to the request for proposal 2329 are due Dec. 6 at 5 p.m. ET.

The NYSERDA is a public benefit corporation that aims to help New York meets its energy goals by reducing energy consumption, promoting the use of renewable sources and protecting the environment. The organization’s goals for the roadmap are “to assess critical issues for biomass heating to provide a better understanding of the possible impacts on New York and to provide the information in a format suitable to help develop a responsible and economically viable biomass heating industry in New York that mitigates negative impacts but also capitalizes on opportunities for positive impacts.”

For purposes of the roadmap, “biomass heating” refers to space, water and process heating using biomass with a primary focus on clean, solid biomass feedstocks such as pellets, wood chips and cord wood.  The roadmap will address feedstocks and technologies that are expected to significantly contribute to industry-wide improvements in a three- to 10-year time period and beyond. Technologies that should be addressed range from residential to industrial uses.

Proposals to the NYSERDA must address certain objectives outlined by the organization that include, but are not limited to, comparing current and future feedstocks and technologies, addressing environmental and public health implications, outlining best management practices, examining financing options, delineating policy barriers and projecting economic effects on the state.

The RFP requires particularized responses to each and every objective in the correct format. The summaries and instructions can be found at: