BTEC elects new board members, names Seymour executive director

By Biomass Thermal Energy Council | December 02, 2011

The Biomass Thermal Energy Council elected new members to the board of directors and named Joseph Seymour as executive director. The first competitive election took place during BTEC's third membership meeting on Nov. 15, at which four individuals were officially elected to join the 2012 BTEC board of directors.

Stephen Faehner, vice president of industrial and bioenergy sales at American Wood Fibers, was re-elected to the board. Kristen Cofrancesco, of Pratt & Whitney Power Systems-Turboden, was also re-elected.

The new directors include David Daniels, chairman and CEO of Alternative Energy Solutions International, who brings years of engineering experience with industrial and commercial customers to the board. David Dungate, owner of ACT Bioenergy, will also add engineering experience, along with a motivation to work with colleagues to better understand the needs of the industry. "I believe biomass is on the cusp of something big," Dungate said. "I am excited to work with the passionate people at BTEC to grow the biomass thermal industry."

"BTEC is proud to have such an engaged board with a diversity of experiences and industry knowledge," said Seymour, BTEC's newly appointed executive director. "I'm eager to work with the board to take on the challenges of market expansion and recognition of our industry's benefits and opportunities." Seymour has worked for BTEC since 2010, coordinating policy and regulatory activities, and was named acting executive director in June of 2011. His recent accomplishments include lead development of the Biomass DC Thermal Summit 2011, coordination of responses to the U.S. EPA and other federal agencies, and growing BTEC's membership.

"I'm honored to work with BTEC as we continue to promote the biomass industry in federal policy and move towards developing regional affiliates, unifying standards for biomass equipment and creating new relationships industry-wide," Seymour said, adding, "I believe BTEC's leadership and membership are up to the challenge."

BTEC invites those interested in learning more about the association and potential involvement to contact Emanuel Wagner, BTEC program coordinator for outreach and external affairs, at [email protected].