Progress Energy Florida seeks renewable energy project proposals

By Erin Voegele | August 31, 2012

Progress Energy Florida has issued a request for proposals for renewable energy projects. According to documentation issued by the company, it is looking to offset the need for new power plants by contracting with renewable projects. A variety of projects can qualify, including those the produce electricity from biomass, renewable hydrogen, solar, geothermal, wind, ocean power, hydroelectric or waste heat from manufacturing.

In addition to being renewable, the project must also meet several other requirements to qualify. The project must be cost-effective, meaning that it can deliver electricity at a cost that is equal or less than the cost to build new power generation. The project must also be able to operate in a predictable and reliable manner. In addition, eligible projects must be located in Florida and be fully operational by June 1, 2018. Finally, a project must be capable of producing a minimum of 1 MW of power.

According to Progress Energy Florida, it has two types of renewable energy contracts that have been pre-approved by the Florida Public Service Commission. An as-available contract doesn’t contain an obligation to deliver power to Progress Energy Florida, and payments are based on the fuel savings that that Progress Energy achieves due to the purchases. A standard offer contact contains an obligation to deliver energy to Progress Energy Florida on a reliable basis. Payments are based on the power plant, or part of a power plant, that the company doesn’t have to build due to this purchase.

Progress Energy Florida also said that it is willing to negotiate other agreements in situations where neither the as-available contract nor the standard offer contract is not satisfactory for an eligible project.

Additional information on the request for proposals can be downloaded from the Progress Energy Florida website