Gussing Renewable Energy operates biogas fuel cell in Austria

By Güssing Renewable Energy GmbH | September 05, 2012

Güssing Renewable Energy GmbH, a leading provider of carbon-neutral energy solutions today announced that the first stage of its fuel cell deployment in Güssing, Austria has been completed. In partnership with ClearEdge Power, a leading provider of fuel cell micro-combined-heat-and-power (CHP) systems, a ClearEdge fuel cell system was installed and configured to operate off of Güssing’s Care Fuel biomethane supply generated sustainably from regional residual biomass. The two companies announced today that the system has successfully been up and running at its full 5 kW capacity since Aug. 20.

“This is a very significant milestone for Güssing Renewable Energy and its Care Fuel biomethane, ClearEdge Power, and the entire renewable energy market,” said Michael Dichand, chairman of Güssing Renewable Energy. “Communities no longer want to rely on energy from unpredictable regions or technologies. ClearEdge fuel cells have provided an efficient way for us to use the clean biomethane fuel we are generating via our gasification plants and converting it to usable power and heat for our community. ClearEdge Power has been a terrific partner in helping us meet our carbon-neutral goals. Now that we have successfully demonstrated the viability of operating the ClearEdge system off of biomethane generated in Güssing’s sustainably cultivated biomass facilities, we feel confident moving forward with the subsequent stages of our agreement, including the installation of 8.5 MW of fuel cell systems in Austria over the next three years and 50 MW installed by 2020, which will create cost-effective energy security for the region.” 

“Güssing Renewable Energy is at the cutting-edge of environmental sustainability and the successful deployment of our fuel cell system using their biomethane supply further demonstrates the viability of ClearEdge Power’s system within the renewable energy space,” said ClearEdge Power CEO David Wright. “The use of biomethane to power our system allows us to offer our customers an even larger environmental impact, beyond the 41 percent carbon reduction that our system currently offers. This milestone clearly illustrates the timeliness of ClearEdge Power and Güssing Renewable Energy’s products in helping to build a more secure, green energy supply in the U.S. and abroad,” commented David B. Wright. After the successful deployment in Austria, we are excited to move forward with our international expansion plans with Güssing as our trusted partner in the European market.”