BTEC unveils biomass recognition program

By Biomass Thermal Energy Council | November 01, 2012

The Biomass Thermal Energy Council has unveiled a recognition program for home and business heating systems using local, renewable biomass in place of fossil fuels like heating oil. The Biomass Green Heat Registered Site plaque will allow residential, business, and facility owners to proudly showcase their biomass thermal appliances to colleagues and neighbors, who would otherwise be unaware of the systems.

"Biomass thermal systems are too often 'out of sight, out of mind' in a homeowner's basement or the hospital boiler room, while other renewable energy sources like wind and solar are prominent on roofs or high above," said Joseph Seymour, BTEC executive director. "With this program and plaque, we're acknowledging the end user's commitment to a local and renewable energy source for part or all of their heating needs."

The 13 inch by 9 inch clear acrylic plaque was developed in 2012 in consultation with the BTEC Committee on Education and Outreach and complements the association's mission to raise the profile of heating, cooling, and combined heat and power with biomass.

To receive the Biomass Green Heat Registered plaque, the recipient or equipment provider must provide performance, fuel, and site data on the biomass heating system and complete the payment process. Through registering their biomass heating system, vendors and end-users alike will be featured in BTEC's online catalogue of biomass thermal sites.

"Consumers are demanding energy options that are affordable and renewable, and clean burning biomass heating fits both those bills," said Seymour. "We know this plaque—whether placed in a board room, bookcase, or reception area—will lead folks to ask the question, 'Could I heat my home with biomass, too?'"

Not all thermal installations will qualify for the program, as eligible biomass heating installations must meet several key requirements, including fuel sourcing and energy production. First, the site or facility must use the biomass thermal system for at least 25 percent of its annual heating needs. Second, the system may only use wood, agricultural resources, or a combination thereof for fuel (wood pellets, woodchips, miscanthus grass, etc); municipal solid waste is an ineligible fuel. Finally, the plaque purchaser must be the system's owner, vendor, developer, or facility owner.

BTEC members receive plaques at a discounted rate.