European, Indian governments team for biomass initiative

By Anna Austin | November 20, 2012

The European Commission and Indian government have partnered for a research and development initiative that will focus on finding solutions for existing challenges and needs in biotechnological research activities involving biomass production and bio-waste conversion.

Initial work will focus on developing comprehensive inventories of research activities in both the European Union and India, in order to identify common areas of interest as well as knowledge gaps and cooperation opportunities. Integrated activities planned in the project will be carried out through a partnership of stakeholders from EU and India involving public and private organizations that conceive and fund research programs, as well as representatives from the scientific community.

The project will explore the opinions and perspectives of European and Indian scientists and research and development program managers, and several stakeholder workshops, conferences and summer schools have already been planned, according to the Energy and Resources Institute, the project coordinator in India.

At its conclusion, the project seeks to attain many outcomes, including: a full inventory of biomass production, including agriculture, forestry and bio-waste availability, and future potentials and limitations in Europe and India;  an inventory of ongoing and past research projects; a strategy toward new trends in agriculture in the EU and India toward high biomass yields and qualities in a multipurpose approach; strong interaction with a variety of stakeholders in EU and India (twinning of existing projects, stakeholder workshop and exchange visits); and a road map that describes integrated biomass management toward 2050 in the future green economy of India and Europe, including new biomass-based trade opportunities between both sub-continents.