Lux Research 2012, 2013 top-10 lists feature biorefiners

By Erin Voegele | December 20, 2012

Lux Research has published top-10 lists of 2012’s top emerging technology companies, as well as emerging companies to watch in 2013. Biorefining companies top both lists.

Regarding the 2012 list, Lux Research said that global megatrends such as energy and infrastructure, health and wellness, and materials revolutions create pressing social and economic needs, and that the right emerging technologies to address them can create major business opportunities. Lux Research scouts for companies addressing these megatrends, profiling 1,380 companies across 15 different emerging technology domains in 2012 also. The year-end result is a list of the 10 most compelling companies profiled this year. Solazyme and Itaconix are on that list.

Lux Research awarded Solazyme a positive rating. “One of the few advanced fermentation companies generating revenue today, Solazyme is aligning partners and scaling production facilities to sell into high value markets before bringing down costs to complete in commodity and fuels,” said Lux Research in a release.

Itaconix, a biobased materials and chemicals producer, was also given a positive rating. “With a low-capex, low-opex process expanding to 5,000 MT/year to produce itaconic acid polymers for chemical intermediates, binders, and super-absorbents, Itaconix is one of the few biobased chemical companies we expect to run in the black in 2013,” said Lux Research.

The organization also named Beta Renewables to its top-10 list of companies to watch for in in 2013, awarding it a positive rating. “All eyes will be on Beta’s commercial cellulosic ethanol facility in Italy in 2013; can it ramp up on time and on budget? Or will the cellulosic ethanol industry continue its disappointing slide?” said Lux Research in a release.