Linde licenses gasification technology to Finnish company

By Erin Voegele | January 28, 2013

Germany-based Linde Engineering Dresden GmbH has signed an agreement to license its Carbo-V biomass gasification technology to Forest BtL Oy, a Finnish biofuel developer. According to information released by Linde, the Carbo-V technology will be implemented at a new biomass-to-liquid facility in Kemi, Finland.

The transaction represents the first licensing agreement for the technology, which Linde acquired from Choren Industries GmbH in Feb. 2012. The process is a multi-stage biomass gasification process. Information published by Linde notes that during the first phase, a low-temperature gasifier converts biomass into biocoke and carbonization gas. The second stage involves partial oxidation of the gas in a high-temperature gasifier. During the next stage, biocoke is blown into the hot gas stream of the high-temperature gasifier. The synthesis gas is then preconditioned before being processed into biobased liquid fuels.

"Compared to other technologies, Carbo-V has a very high carbon conversion to synthesis gas as well as an outstanding syngas quality," said Mikko Kara, CEO of Forest BtL Oy.

The facility under development by Forest BtL Oy will have a gasification capacity of 480 MW. It will take in approximately 1.5 million tons of woody biomass per year, generating about 130,000 metric tons of renewable diesel and naphtha. The plant is currently expected to be operational by the end of 2016.