Beaver Wood Energy plans biomass hub in Vt.

By Chris Hanson | February 28, 2013

Beaver Wood Energy and Vermont Hydroponic Produce announced on Feb. 26 plans to build a new biomass hub in Fair Haven, Vt. The hub will consist of a biomass power plant, pellet manufacturing facility, and a 10-acre greenhouse complex.

The 30 MW biomass power plant will be fueled with wood residues, such as tree tops, branches, and bark chips left from harvested wood for the paper or lumber industry. When completed, it will have a base-load capacity sufficient to power 34,000 homes and will create 25 on-site jobs for the area. Additionally, the generated heat and steam will be used to produce wood pellets and vegetables in the greenhouse complex.

The pellet manufacturing arm will produce 110,000 tons annually and create wood pellets for residential and commercial use in pellet boilers and heaters. Pellet production is projected to replace 13 million gallons of heating oil.

Thomas Emero, managing director for Beaver Wood Energy and president of Renewable Energy Development, said there currently is not a completion date as the project is currently in the last stages of obtaining needed permits and finding people interested in purchasing power from the facility.

“The Fair Haven Biomass Energy Center will be one of the most efficient and innovative facilities in the nation,” said Emero, “We are proud to announce formal plans to bring together into one sustainable business system local energy, local heat, and local food. It is truly a remarkable opportunity that promises good paying jobs to hundreds of people.”