SkyNRG jet fuel supply chain earns RSB certification

By Erin Voegele | March 08, 2013

The RSB Services Foundation, which is responsible for the distribution and implementation of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels global sustainability standard for biofuel production, is pleased to announce that SkyNRG is the first biofuel operator worldwide to earn the RSB certification for their supply chain of renewable jet fuel including separation, blending and logistics.

SkyNRG is the world's market leader for sustainable kerosene, supplying more than 15 carriers worldwide. Founded in 2009 by Air France KLM Group, Argos and Spring Associates, SkyNRG works with all technologies and suppliers as long as it is sustainable. SkyNRG plays an active and pioneering role in making the market for sustainable jet fuel by aggregating demand and by bringing different technologies to commercial scale by setting up regional, sustainable jet fuel supply chains. SkyNRG is aware that sustainability is a dynamic field and that today's choices will be replaced by more sustainable options in the future. However, they do everything in their power to guarantee the most sustainable choice at every moment in time.

"Curbing the carbon dioxide footprint of jet fuel is key with the continuous growth in aviation around the world," says Peter Ryus, CEO of RSB Services Foundation. "That is why what SkyNRG has done with certifying their jet fuel supply chain to adhere to RSB's rigorous standards is so important. SkyNRG is setting a new precedent for aviation sustainability practices."

"This RSB certification is a great result for us as supply chain integrator and for our supply chain partners," says Maarten van Dijk, top executive at SkyNRG and member of the RSB's Board of Directors. "It is a milestone for sustainable jet fuels in general and a confirmation towards the market that RSB is ensuring that biofuels deliver on their promise of sustainability. This gives aviation, for the first time ever, the possibility to fly on RSB certified fuel. SkyNRG is currently the only fuel operator in the world that can deliver RSB certified renewable jet fuel."

"SkyNRG is one of the leaders driving the development of sustainable aviation biofuel supply chains," says Boeing Managing Director of Environment & Aviation Policy Julie Felgar. "Aviation has placed a high importance on increasing the sustainability of its fuel supply, so by receiving certification through the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels, SkyNRG is achieving an important milestone for itself and for the aviation industry."

"We are pleased that a full supply chain for RSB certified jet fuel is now available for regular use in commercial aviation," says Barbara Bramble, chair of the board for RSB and head of the International Climate and Energy Program at the National Wildlife Federation, the largest environmental membership group in the U.S. "Congratulations to SkyNRG for achieving certification under the RSB system, which NWF believes provides the best assurance of biofuels' sustainability. SkyNRG can now assist airlines around the world to fulfill their pledges to reduce carbon emissions while meeting environmental and social safeguards."

The audit summary report is available on the RSB website, The audit was conducted by DNV Business Assurance, an RSB-accredited, world-leading certification body working with companies to assure the performance of their organizations, products, people and facilities through certification, verification, assessment and training.

The RSB certification system helps farmers, feedstock processors and biofuel producers prove their sustainability to the world. Certified entities demonstrate that their operations comply with ambitious yet practical safeguards, including, the protection of natural or rare ecosystems, food security, human rights to land, water and decent work conditions, and the management of water resources. With unmatched NGO support, global market compatibility across all feedstocks, practical guidance and tools for an ongoing sustainability system, RSB Services Foundation helps entities manage their risk and increase shareholder confidence in their business.