DTE Energy supports Michigan landfill gas energy project

By DTE Energy Co. | August 22, 2013

DTE Gas, a subsidiary of DTE Energy Co., is providing pipeline-quality natural gas, which was converted from landfill gas, to its residential customers as part of its commitment to renewable energy.

DTE Gas' BioGreenGas program contributes to the development of that pipeline-quality natural gas at the Sauk Trail Hills landfill in Canton, Mich. Residential natural gas customers can support the company's green efforts by subscribing to the program for $2.50 per month.

DTE Gas is the first utility in Michigan and one of the first in the country to develop such a program for residential customers.

"Our customers are as concerned about the environment as we are," said Mark Stiers, DTE Gas vice president of gas sales and supply. "They have asked us for a renewable energy option on the gas side of the business. BioGreenGas was created in response to our customers' requests."

Since the program was launched last year, 2,000 customers have subscribed and dozens more are on the waiting list. DTE Gas is looking into expanding the program to meet the additional demand. The fact the gas comes from a local landfill seems to appeal to customers.

"DTE has a commitment to supporting Michigan businesses," said Stiers. "We could buy gas from anywhere, but we chose to locally source our green gas, while helping to improve the environment in our home state. DTE's partnership with Clean Energy Renewable Fuels made it possible for us to offer BioGreenGas."

Clean Energy Renewable Fuels, a division of Clean Energy Fuels, develops U.S. production facilities that generate and sell renewable natural gas. CERF created a state-of-the-art plant to purify the biogas at Sauk Trail Hills landfill.

DTE Pipeline Company invested approximately $2 million to build a pipeline and a meter station at Sauk Trail Hills. DTE utilized local workers and created approximately 50 construction jobs.

CERF invested approximately $20 million in the project and created about 80 construction jobs. Four additional workers were hired to permanently staff the site.

"Our biomethane project at the Sauk Trail Hills landfill is an excellent example of the practical solutions we can implement now to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with our energy use," said Harrison Clay, president of Clean Energy Renewable Fuels.

Combining CERF's technology with DTE Gas', renewable energy can be delivered to natural gas customers in Michigan and across the country.