Pressure Technologies secures two orders for biogas upgraders

By Pressure Technologies plc | August 23, 2013

Pressure Technologies plc is pleased to announce that its Alternative Energy division, comprising Chesterfield BioGas Ltd., has secured two orders to supply biogas upgraders and ancillary equipment with a combined sales value of £4.6 million ($7.17 million).

Both projects use the Totara model biogas upgrader, capable of processing up to 2,000 cubic meters of biogas per hour. The Totara upgrader will clean the raw biogas, produced by anaerobic digestion of the waste, to more than 98 pecent pure biomethane, matching the purity criteria required of natural gas being piped to households and commercial premises.

The new-generation CBG upgrader employs the Greenlane water-scrubbing method, which uses no heat or chemicals, just water, much of which can be re-cycled. Major improvements have been made recently to the layout and accessibility of the system.

CBG is the sole technology partner in the U.K. for the Greenlane systems, which are the most widely proven in this market. More than 70 sites are currently operating successfully around the world; 27 of these employ the Totara model.

CBG will install and commission the upgraders, which have scheduled handover dates in the second-half of the Group's 2014 financial year. Once the sites are operational, CBG will generate additional revenue from a long-term contract to monitor the upgrader's performance and maintenance services.

Stephen McCulloch, managing director of CBG said, "These orders mark a step change in the market for biogas upgrading, which is moving from small scale, proof of concept projects to large scale plants, which deliver commercial returns to our customers."

Pressure Technologies Chief Executive John Hayward added, "I am very pleased for the team at Chesterfield BioGas.  Their dedication and hard work over the last five years is finally reaping rewards. These order wins, together with a very promising pipeline of potential follow on orders, give grounds for considerable optimism for the Biomethane to Grid market in the UK and the outlook for Chesterfield BioGas."